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C/S clear plastic prep storage containers & Plast-loc storage chiller / freezer shelving.

C/Q see thru Clear Plastic Prep Containers

The C/Q polypropylene clear food storage containers are microwaveable, dishwashable and freezer safe. The polypropylene is BPA free. Lids are white and the units are stackable.

Plast-lok Chiller & Freezer shelving

Plast-lok storage system is constructed from materials that are impervious to mould and bacteria based fungus. The uprights and horizontal rails incorporate a solid steel core for maximum durability and strength, and are encased in a easy to clean tough recycled polypropylene exterior. Hence rust free and able to withstand down to -40 deg. C. The Plast-lok components are dishwasher safe. Plast-lok shelves are bolt and nut free, and easy to assemble and install. Plast-lok is available in 2 post heights, 4 shelf depths, and 6 shelf lengths. The shelf levels can be adjusted vertically in 100mm increments at any time. The shelf posts have feet to adapt to floor irregularities.