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Heavy Duty, Acrow ? Stock Rack Bays, WS3

  • Price per item: $100.00

  • Code: WS3

  • Carton size:1

The Heavy Duty, Acrow ?, stock rack Bays, are 1800mm high, 2740mm long , and 790mm wide. The tier (shelf) support cross section measures 50W x 95Tmm. The vertical up right, cross section measures 75 x 75mm. The tier ( shelf ) support has particle board to complete the shelf. It is $100.00 for each Bay on a self takeaway basis. There are 5 bays, if made up in a continuous length. The stock illustrated on the shelf, are not included in the price. The picture shows an Acrow bay unit butting up against a Capital unit.

Heavy Duty, Acrow ?  Stock Rack Bays, WS3