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Sirman Mirra 300mm gravity food slicer, 240V

  • Price per item: $2,044.00

  • Code: S10303002

  • Carton size:1

Sirman Mirra 300mm food slicer has compact dimension and great cutting capacity. - Anodized cast aluminium alloy body. It has a great distance between blade and motor for easy cleaning. - A strong and silent-running ventilated motor. A reliable poliV belt drive. - It has a forged hardened large thickness blade. The carriage runs on self-lubricating brushes and lapped pins. It contains a device for releasing the carriage. - The blade is at 25 deg. inclination. The blade has a diameter of 300mm. - It has stainless steel screws and a blade slice deflector. Also there is a cast-in sharpener assembly. - The motor is 210 watt or 0.29 hp.

Sirman Mirra 300mm gravity food slicer, 240V