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220ml capacity bistro style champagne saucer.


Bormioli Rocco Electra 380ml O/F tumbler, or stemless wine glass is 100mm tall and has a diameter of 84mm.


Bormioli Rocco Electra stemmed 440ml wine glass is 215mm tall and has a bowl top diameter of 87mm.


capacity is 360ml. The Sara wine glass is fully toughened. A pour line set at 150ml is marked on the wine glass.


215ml capacity Palin style stem wine taster. Height is 161mm.


The Boston 348ml capacity wine glass is 180mm tall with a top diameter of 77mm.


Luigi Bormioli Atelier crystal stemless wine glass, with toughened rim, 590ml.


425ml capacity Madison style red wine stem glass.


650ml capacity Madison style brandy balloon glass.


345ml capacity Madison style margarita stem glass.


285ml capacity Madison style martini stem glass.


310ml capacity Maldives style goblet stem glass.


Pasabahce Primeur 425ml Wine Stem Glass is 205mm tall, with a top bowl diameter of 71mm.


Pasabahce Reserva 460ml wine glass is composed of a robust lead-free crystal glass. This gives the Reserva wine glass exceptional clarity. The wine glass has a height of 220mm and a bowl opening of 68mm.


The Pasabahce Timeless champagne stem saucer has a capacity of 270ml. It is 157mm tall, with a top diameter of 110mm.


Capacity of this flute is 170ml.


The Polycarbonate Stem Wine capacity is 200m. It is on the left in the photo. The stem wine rim diameter is mm and height is mm.