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PUJADAS Fire proof Oven Mitt, 33cm, 947.033

This Pujadas fire proof Oven mitt is 33 cm long from finger tip across the hand & up the arm. It offers hand and arm burn protection when working in very hot oven and stove top conditions.


Pyrocast Cast Iron Oval Gratin 21.7 x 15cm, with maple wood tray, 11882

The cast iron oval gratin has open handles at each end for easy lifting. The oval gratin measures 21.7 x 15cm.


Pyrocast Cast Iron Round Skillet 10cm with Maple Wood Tray.11850

The cast iron skillet has diameter of 10cm.


Pyrocast Cast Iron square Skillet 25 x 24cm, 11863

The cast iron square skillet has dimensions of 25 x 24cm, with a 3.5cm edge incorporating a pour lip.


Pyrolux Origin non stick frypan, 26cm, 11391

The Pyrolux Origin non stick frypan, has a diameter of 26cm.