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Appetito Digital Timer, 20 hours, 3471-1

The Appetito Digital Timer allows up to 20 hours of time counting. Good for slow cooking. The timer will count up, or down. It has an easy fix magnetic backing strip. One AAA battery included.


Appetito Mechanical Timer, 60 minutes, 3473-1

The Appetito dline Mechanical Timer is suitable for 60 minutes, It has a loud continuous ring and easy to read numbers. It has an easy fix magnetic back strip. No batteries required.


Ateco Metal Decorating Comb, 1446

The Ateco Decorating Comb is of aluminium with 3 teeth sizes. A quick and easy way to decorate cakes and other foods with lines and patterns. The triangle has edges that measure 110mm.


Avanti Kitchen Drum Sieve / Strainer, 25cm, 12911

The polished stainless steel Avanti kitchen drum sieve has a diameter of 25cm. The sieve walls are 60mm high with a top rolled edge for strength. The sieve is fine mesh, made from stainless steel.


Avanti Stainless Steel Dough Scraper, 150mm

The Avanti stainless steel dough scraper has a width of 150mm. The rounded handle is integrated into the rectangular blade. The blade has a cm measurement guide to assist with portioning dough.


Bakers Secret 6 cup Texas Muffin pan, 1121802

The Bakers Secret 6 cup texas muffin pan has cups that measure 9 cm dia.x 4.3 cm deep. The overall size of the texas muffin pan is 32.5cm x 22.4 cm x 4.2 cm.


Cake garnisher, white plastic, 110x77mm

Cake garnisher, white plastic, 110x77mm.


Dough Docker, Plastic, 112mm wide.

The plastic Dough docker has a width of 112mm. The docker reduces the bubbles in the crust or pizza dough. Helps prevent over-rising.


Dough scraper, cream thermo plastic, 141x100mm

Dough scraper, cream plastic, 141x100mm.


Dough scraper, curved white plastic, 120x85mm

Dough scraper, curved white plastic, 140x95mm.


International Bakeware fluted 12 cup non stick muffin pan, 12209

The International Bakeware platinum series fluted 12 cup non stick muffin pan measures 35 x 27 cm. There are 4 fluted 12 cup muffin pans to clear at $10.00 each.


JADEVER Kitchen bench electronic scale, 30kg x 1gm, JWL-30

This Jadever kitchen bench electronic (non trade) scale weighs up to 30kg by 1gm. The scale can be set to weigh Kg, gm, lb, and oz, and has tare facility. The scale has overload protection. It has a bright 7mm LCD display. The stainless steel weigh pan is 190 x 210mm. The scale is 90mm high. The scale body is of high impact ABS. For levelling the scale it has a bubble level and adjustable feet. The Jadever scale comes with batteries, but a optional mains adapter is available at extra cost. The scale has a auto shutoff for power saving. The stainless steel weighing pan is 294 x 228 mm. The scale dimensions are 341x240x104 mm. Net weight is 4.72 kg.


Magimix Julienne Processor Blade, 150mm,17608

The Magimix Julienne blade has a diameter of 150mm. It suits Magimix food processors, 3100, 4100, and 5100. On special at $20.00 to clear one blade.


PUJADAS Fire proof Oven Mitt / Glove, 43cm, 947.043

This Pujadas fire proof Oven mitt / glove is 43 cm long from finger tip across the hand & up the arm. It offers hand and arm burn protection when working in very hot oven and stove top conditions.


Pujadas Commercial Can Opener, 964.001

Pujadas commercial can opener can handle tin cans up to 550mm. The stainless steel square shaft fits a base plate that can either be clamped to the bench or screwed on. The ergonomic handle allows for easy tuning to release the can lid.


Pyrex Glass Round Covered Casserole, 1.9litre, 6001024

The 1.9 litre Pyrex covered has a diameter of 250mm, a height of 220mm. There is one covered round baker to clear @ $10.00. was $ 23.00 before special.


Pyrex Platinum 12 cup Muffin pan, 1134653

The Pyrex Platinum12 cup muffin pan has cups that measure 7.5cm dia. x 3.2cm deep. The overall size of the muffin pan is 35.6cm x 27.1 cm x 3.4 cm.


Regas Terracotta Tapas Dish 115mm, RC00150

The Regas Terracotta Tapas Dish has a diameter of 115mm, and a side height of 3 cm. Capacity is approx. 195ml.


Sirman TEGI Digital Thermometer

The Sirman TEGI digital thermometer has a resolution to either 0.1 deg C or F. It can measure the temperature from + 300 deg. C to - 50 deg C.


Stainless Steel Cake or Flan Ring, 260mm diameter

This stainless steel Cake or Flan Ring is 260mm in diameter with a wall height of 79mm. The top of the wall is folded over to provide a reinforced edge. Normal price was $20.00 but reduced to $5.95 to CLEAR 6 rings.


Vollrath High-Heat Nylon Blade Spatula, 254 mm, 52010

The Vollrath high-heat blade spatula is 254mm long. The stain and heat resistant rectangle blade is 85 x 55mm.


Vollrath High-Heat Nylon Softspoon Spatula, 343 mm, 58123

The Vollrath high-heat soft spoon spatula is 343mm long. The stain and heat resistant rectangle blade is 107 x 74mm.


Vollrath Nylon Handle Piano Whisk, 47002, 254mm long

This Vollrath piano whisk has a overall length of 254mm. The handle length is 118mm.


Vollrath One-Piece Stainless Steel Tong, BLUE handle,4780930

The Vollrath blue handled one-piece stainless steel tong is 240mm long.


Vollrath Thermoplastic Softspoon Spatula, 34.3cm

The white spoon shaped blade spatula is 343mm long. It is convenient for scooping of food products. This flexible spoon shaped blade can be used with any shaped container. The thermoplastic blade and strong polypropylene handle are moulded together to form a sanitary seal. The flexible blade retains its shape up to 100 deg. C.


Vollrath Thermoplastic blade Spatula, 34.3cm

This contoured flexible blade can be used with any shaped container. The thermoplastic blade and strong polypropylene handle are moulded together to form a sanitary seal. The blade spatula is cm long, with the blade spatula measuring x cm.


Vollrath aluminium Bunpan, solid half size, 5303

The Vollrath aluminum half size solid bun pan has a rolled reinforced edge. The pan measures 450x325x25mm.


Vollrath aluminum Bunpan, solid 1/4 size, 5220

The Vollrath aluminum 1/4 size solid bun pan has a rolled reinforced edge. The pan measures 241x330x254mm.


Vollrath aluminum Bunpan, solid 1/8 size,5228

The Vollrath wear-ever 1/8 bun pan is composed of 1.3mm aluminum that resists dents, and has easy cleaning properties. Pan size is 24 x 16 x 2.5 cm. The pan bead edge is semi-open, and the tapered design allows for the easy stacking of pans. The pan is manufactured in the USA. The pan size allows it to be used as a single serve meal tray.


Vollrath aluminum Bunpan, solid full size,9002

The Vollrath aluminum full size solid bun pan has a rolled reinforced edge. The pan measures 650x450x25mm.


d.Line Patty Cake Display Stand for 23 Cup Cakes, 2848

The d.Line 23 cup cake display stand has angled holders to best display all the cup cakes. The display unit is easy to assemble, and disassemble for easy storage. The frame has a durable non-toxic silver coated finish. Special price of $15.00 to clear 1 cake holder. Normal price was $49.50.


d.Line non stick jumbo cupcake pan, 2981

The d.Line non stick jumbo cupcake pan measures 39Lx 20W x18D cm. The pan overall measures mm. Was $24.00 but now under clear out is $5.00 each. There are 3 available.