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Bakers Secret 12 cup mini Bundt pan, 1121802

The Bakers Secret 12 cup mini bundt pan has cups that measure 7cm dia.x 3cm deep. The overall size of the mini bundt pan is 35cm x 26.5cm x 3.5cm. The mini bundt pan normal price is $35.00 with 5 in stock.


Bakers Secret 6 cup Texas Muffin pan, 1121802

The Bakers Secret 6 cup texas muffin pan has cups that measure 9 cm dia.x 4.3 cm deep. The overall size of the texas muffin pan is 32.5cm x 22.4 cm x 4.2 cm.


Chicago Metallic Professional 1/4 size bun pan, non-stick, 41856

The Chicago Metallic Professional non-stick quarter size bun pan, has dimensions of 33 L x 24 W x 4 D cm. Price normally $22.90 but reduced to $12.00. There are four available. !!


Duralex Ovenchef ramekin, 85mm

The ribbed clear glass Duralex oven chef ramekin, has a diameter of 85mm, with a side height of mm. The capacity of ramekin is ml.


Pyrex Glass Rectangle Baker 4.5litre, 6001040

The 4.5 litre Pyrex glass rectangle baker has a length of 438mm, a width of 273mm, and a depth of 57mm.


Pyrex Glass Round Covered Casserole, 1.9litre, 6001024

The 1.9 litre Pyrex covered has a diameter of 250mm, a height of 220mm.


Regas Terracotta Tapas Dish 115mm, RC00150

The Regas Terracotta Tapas Dish has a diameter of 115mm, and a side height of 3 cm. Capacity is approx. 195ml.


Vollrath aluminium Bunpan, solid half size, 5303

The Vollrath aluminium half size solid bun pan has a rolled reinforced edge. The pan measures 450x325x25mm.