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Arc Beer Mugs, Benidorm shape.

Bormioli Rocco Nonix toughened beer stackable tumbler

Luigi Bormioli Bach SON.hyx crystal tumblers

The Luigi Bormioli Bach Crystalline Tumbler Glasses are composed of ultra clear blown lead free high tech totally transparent crystal glass. This glass has excellent durabiliity with a high resistance to breakage and chipping. The tumbler rim has a reinforced laser cut to give the fine rim. Bach glassware is dishwasher safe, and the glass sparkle is maintained over 4000 industrial washing cycles.

Luigi Bormioli Birrateque Crystal Nucleated Craft Beer Glasses

Birrateque is a range of specialty glasses designed to enchance the taste and aroma of craft beers. A broad range of shapes targets the growing demand for craft beer and cider. Italian designed and manufactured

Luigi Bormioli Classico Crystalline Hi-ball Tumbler

Luigi Bormioli Palace SON.hyx crystal tumblers

Palace tumblers are composed of lead free crystal glass. Glass rim is toughened The formulation is called SON.hyx and gives the glass incredible clarity and transparency. Zinc and magnesium are added to the glass to give extra strength, compared with standard crystalline glass, which in turn is stronger than the everyday soda lime glass. The SON.hyx glass will retain its clarity for approx 4000 cycles in commercial dishwashers. Thus the SON.hyx formulation enables the glass to be nearly twice as strong as standard glass products providing high resistance to breakage and everday knocks.

Luigi Bormioli Whisky Taster

Pasabahce Allegra Clear Tumblers.

Pasabahce Beer Nonic, 285ml

Pasabahce Centra tumblers with thick base

Pasabahce Centra tumblers have straight sides, rounded rim, and thick base with air bubble.

Pasabahce Grande stackable toughened tumblers

Pasabahce Grande stackable, toughened tumblers have fashionable inclined sides. These Grande tumblers are extremely durable.

Pasabahce Karat Tumblers

Pasabahce clear glass Karat style tumblers exhibt a classic cut effect. These tumblers have durability and strength through their sturdy construction.

Pasabahce Parma conical hiball beer tumblers

Pasabahce Parma conical hiball tumblers can be used as a basic beer tumbler, or as a mixing glass in boston shakers.

Polycarbonate Conical, Rocks, and Hi-ball Tumblers.

Polycarbonate plastic is strong and dishwasher safe. Extremely practical and durable showing extreme clarity and sparkle.. Polycarbonate has unique insulation properties and able to withstand temperatures from -40 deg. C tp + 130 deg C. These items can be put into a microwave, freezer or boiling water. Ideal where breakage and safety is a concern.