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Duralex's tempered glassware is extremely durable both impact and chip resistant. The glassware is dishwasher and microwave safe. Duralex tempered glassware is equally suitable for hot and cold beverages and food. The hygienic non-porous glass does not absorb liquid.

DURALEX Picardie Tumblers

The Picardie tumbler is perhaps the most iconic design, unchanged for nearly 100 years. Solid and elegant it is used to hold and drink most beverages, especially coffee. Can be used for pour over, cold brew, espresso, latte, and flat white coffee's It is available in the following colours, Clear, Marine (light blue tint).

DURALEX Gigogne Tumblers

The item name Gigogne means nested, Hence these glass tumblers are stackable and take up less space. This would be very handy to maximize storage in a busy food outlet. Being Duralex the Gigogne tumbler is microwave proof, and dishwasher safe. If in the event of an impact or accident it can shatter into thousands of non-cutting pieces,